The Ultimate Triple Action Formula for Bone and Joint Health

According to CBNData’s research data, which collected more than 1,300 questionnaires, 72% of respondents in China suffer from various joint discomfort.

A new formula for all-around improvement of bone and joint health is presented: Arthelio® Postbiotic + Mangoselect® Mangosteen Powder + Rousselot Type II Collagen Peptide Matrix.

Arthelio® Postbiotic is a lysate of Bifodobacterium longum (CBi0703) that helps block intestinal bacterial translocation and inhibit the inflammatory response, thereby reducing cartilage tissue loss. Mangoselect® mangosteen fruit powder contains alpha and gamma mangosteen xanthones, which have properties that improve joint comfort and promote a healthy inflammatory response. Moreover, is Rousselot Type II Collagen Peptide Matrix is effective in preventing cartilage degeneration and protecting cartilage. (Source: xinyingyang)

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