Wow Food Awards 2022 Winners

China’s Food and Beverage Innovation Forum officially announced the winners of the Wow Food Awards 2022. This year, more than 520 entries were received from more than 250 companies, which covered 25 categories including convenience foods, plant-based foods, functional foods, chocolate, meal replacement, wine and alcoholic beverages, coffee, packaged drinking water, dairy beverages, yogurt, and lactic acid bacteria beverages.

Diamond Award (1)

SHAMBA STAR: Organic apple puree for babies and children

Platinum Award (5)

Wo Xiao Ya Malaysia: One-week cheese noodles for babies and children

Minayo: Iron-rich gummies

Belong: Sparkling fruit wine (peach flavor)

Changqing: Protein coconut yogurt

MIHATO: Frozen strawberry puree

Except for the diamond award and platinum awards, there are 11 gold awards, 27 silver awards, and 38 bronze awards. In addition, the organizing committee specially selected 3 product manager awards. (Source:

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