Botanic Beverage with a Whole Ginseng for Bedtime Procrastination

The Whole Ginseng Botanic Beverage presents an artificially grown white ginseng under five years from Changbai Mountain in a glass bottle. In addition, the advertisement of the refill capability of up to 8 glasses of water allows this product to be sold at RMB 20 yuan (USD $2.78) per bottle. With functional components to help prevent cancer, liver cirrhosis, and coronary heart diseases, ginseng becomes a popular oriental health supplement of the day.

In 2012, the Ministry of Health officially approved artificially grown ginseng as a new resource of food. Since then, increasingly more ginseng products have been developed to enter the health food industry. CHIHEAL has launched instant ginseng powder for the young generation’s anxious mindset and bedtime procrastination. SHAN has also launched cold fermented ginseng liquid to bring traditional ingredients into the new consumption pattern. (Source: Foodaily)

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