Domestic High-Quality Collagen Development White Paper

According to Grand View Research’s report, the collagen market size in China is RMB 7.12 billion yuan (USD $983 million) in 2019, accounting for about 6.40% of the global market. And by 2027, the market size of collagen in China is expected to reach RMB 11.42 billion yuan (USD $1.58 billion), accounting for approximately 6.96% of the global market. Recently, the Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation released the “Domestic High-Quality Collagen Development White Paper”.

The White Paper introduces the sources, classification, and efficacy of collagen, analyzes the international and domestic market entities, and summarizes the problems, risks, challenges, and prospects in the Chinese collagen industry development. In addition, the White Paper suggests that the collagen industry should take the path of high-quality development by extending the product chain, standardizing the application of collagen, and promoting domestic consumption. (Source:

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