IVC Assembles Global Supply Chain to Help Chinese Nutraceutical Private Labels

Private Labels originated in Europe, which is still one of the largest private label markets in the world today with a market share of 28%. Unlike the overseas market, the current market share of private labels in China is less than 2%. Meanwhile, according to eMarketer, Chinese e-commerce sales accounted for 52.1% of the total retail market in 2021, which has become the engine of growth for private brands in China.

JingDong J.ZAO chose to start formal cooperation with IVC, becoming the first Chinese domestic private brand to use IVC’s European supply chain. JingDong J.ZAO is currently working with IVC Europe and IVC China to develop dietary supplements for Chinese consumers. IVC’s supply chain in Europe will provide import supply chain solutions and help JingDong J.ZAO launch dietary supplements that meet EU quality requirements. (Source: sohu.com)

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