The Expansion of Health Food Filing in the Third Quarter

As of October 18, 2022, the State Administration for Market Regulation website recorded 2545 health food filings and 121 health food registration. Compared with the data in the first half of 2022, there is a total increase of 1062 health food filings and 67 health food registration in the third quarter.

In terms of 1062 health food filing, 4 of them are imported products from 3 foreign companies, and 1058 of them are domestic products from 308 enterprises. It’s worth of notice that Weihai Baihe, Sirio Pharma, Hubei Kangencui, and Nuspower Guangsai each completed over 30 health food filings.

All 67 new health food registration came from domestic enterprises. The largest number of registered products were approved for immunity-enhancing functions, followed by adjuvant cholesterol-lowering functions. In addition, 2 dual-function products were approved in the third quarter. (Source: shuzhengkangxun)

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