Chinese “YouTube” Launched eCommerce Livestream for Upcoming Double 11 Shopping Festival

Yet another Chinese social platform joins the eCommerce live streaming battlefield. Bilibili, the Chinese “equivalent” of YouTube, is pushing its commercialization right before Double 11. Bilibili Livestreamers can link to 3rd parties eCommerce marketplaces such as Taobao, Tmall, and JD to drive traffic there – looks like Douyin or Kuaishou at its very early stage. However, the conversion capacity of Bilibili live streamers is questionable. The platform is 82% Gen-Z, and most live streamings are focused on gaming, entertainment, anime & comics, etc., making it harder for general retail brands to drive sales. Bilibili still has a long way to go in exploring how to improve its revenue growth while maintaining the community culture of the platform.  

Bilibili Launched first double 11 battle with livestreamingeCommerce: online shopping area, full release of “little yellow carts” (Tech Planet, CN) 

From the perspective of price alone, Bilibili does not have an advantage. Since most of the products come from third-party platforms, Bilibili has no say in the price of products. Even if the Livestreamer offers coupons or discounts, some products are still more expensive than other e-commerce platforms.   

Bilibili’s 2022 Second Quarter Results Report (Bilibili Official, CN)  

Value-added services: Revenue from value-added services was RMB2,103.5 million (US$314.0 million), an increase of 29% compared to the same period in 2021, mainly due to the Company’s enhanced commercialization capabilities, and the Company’s value-added services including premium membership, live streaming services and other The number of paying users of value-added services has increased. (Source: WalkTheChat)

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