Probiotics + Enteric Capsules + Health Food?

The choice of health food dosage form is closely related to the safety, function, and quality control of health food. In China’s 2022 Two Sessions, a representative proposed that it is necessary to use enteric capsules as a carrier for health food ingredients, especially probiotics and other raw materials susceptible to destruction by stomach acid, to reduce the loss of active ingredients and ensure a better efficacy through positional release.

The enteric capsule dosage form is a kind of sustained-release dosage form, which is more often used in medicine. However, since health food belongs to the food category, the necessity of sustained-release formulations in health food has been controversial, thus no product has been successfully approved. Therefore, the State Administration for Market Regulation will combine the review of enteric capsule dosage form product declaration to carry out research on the application of enteric capsule dosage forms in probiotic health food. (Source: shuzhengkangxun)

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