Mengniu and China Aerospace Jointly Launched Aerospace Strains

Recently, Mengniu Group and China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation jointly launched “2016 Chinese People’s Strain 1” and “2016 Chinese People’s Strain 2”. These two strains of probiotics were independently developed by Mengniu and were carried into space with Shenzhou XI manned spacecraft for 33 days on October 17, 2016. Mengniu then conducted long-term research and cultivation of the returned strains and successfully isolated the two spaceflight strains.

After undergoing various tests such as drastic temperature changes in space, high-intensity space radiation, and microgravity, these strains have improved tolerance performance and can significantly improve the host’s intestinal health and metabolic health. Based on the research results of these strains, Mengniu has now published 7 articles and applied for 10 patents. (Source:

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