QingQian Biotech Received an Angel Investment by Focusing on Female Anti-aging

Established in August 2020, Shenzhen QingQian Biotech mainly engages in the research and development of female anti-aging products. Its brand Hiiwer originates from the United States and is positioned as a mid-to-high-end series of nutritional products, containing anti-sugar pills, whitening pills, and other organism-related anti-aging products. QingQian Biotech received an angel investment of RMB tens of millions of yuan (USD $2.79-12.56 million) for sales channel and product development.

Founder of QingQian Biotech, Tang Weiye, mentioned that the penetration rate of the health food market in the United States and Japan is over 50%, while the penetration rate in China is less than 20%, and there is room for 2-3 times of growth in Chinese health food market. Therefore, in addition to expanding offline chain stores in the U.S. and Canada, the development of the domestic market is Hiiwer’s primary goal. (Source: 36kr)

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