COSMAX’s Strategy for the Chinese Health Food Market

As a global cosmetic & health food ODM giant, COSMAX BIO has started to enter the Chinese health food market in recent years.

The first strategy COSMAX took was to observe the needs of Chinese consumers and make plans accordingly. The market size of the Chinese oral beauty industry may reach RMB 23.8 billion yuan (USD $3.37 billion) in 2022. Taking advantage of its experience in health food ODM and women’s consumption industry, COSMAX is focusing on the oral beauty market and is looking for a breakthrough point.

COSMAX also applied the strategy to bring foreign-quality health ingredients to the domestic market. The company plans to introduce several certified ingredients that have completed clinical trials. The Agatri® ingredient, for example, can be used for skin moisturizing and anti-wrinkle applications. In addition, COSMAX is also expanding its product dosage forms and manufacturing technologies. (Source: HerbridgeMe)

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