Focusing on Diabetes Diet, “SugarFull” Completed Series A+ Financing

Recently, the low-carb food brand “SugarFull” has completed series A+ financing of RMB tens of millions of yuan (USD $1.4 – 12.9 million). Founded in 2020 to focus on the segment of diabetes diet, “SugarFull” products include functional staples, snacks, probiotics, and nutrients that are “free of sucrose, flour, and starch”. “SugarFull” has also managed to lower the carbohydrate content of staple food and snacks to be only 6-10% of that of ordinary food. Zhu Shuiwang, the founder of SugarFull, mentioned that this round of financing will be used for business expansion, product development, and data system construction. (Source: FoodTalks)

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