JZSL Launched “Insightful” Probiotic Fermented Carrot Beverage

On July 18th, JZSL launched the “Insightful” probiotic fermented carrot beverage. It is reported that this product contains lutein esters (3mg per box), β-carotene, and vitamin C, with a total fruit and vegetable pulp content of ≥30%. The beverage does not contain preservatives, thickeners, artificial flavors, or fats. In terms of processing, the new product utilizes fresh fruits and vegetables in a probiotic fermentation process. According to the brand, β-carotene helps maintain normal visual function, while lutein esters contribute to the protection of retinal health. Currently, the product is available on JZSL’s official flagship store in a packaging size of 125ml*9 boxes per box, with a reference price of RMB 35.9 yuan (USD $5) per box. (Source: FBIF)

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