China’s SAMR Publishes 2023 Annual Overview of Special Food Safety Supervision

China’s State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) held a national training session on the supervision of special food safety, reporting on the work carried out in 2023.

In 2023, regulatory authorities strengthened the measures on prevention, management, inspection, and risk control, promoting high-quality development and ensuring high-level safety in the special food sector. The overall pass rate for special food inspections was 99.85%, an increase of 0.03% from the previous year, reflecting improved regulatory capabilities and consumer confidence.

Policies and regulations were continually enhanced to ensure steady progress in this sector. Measures to optimize registration and supervision policies for special foods were implemented, promoting innovation and development within the industry. New regulations were issued for infant formula and foods for special medical purposes (FSMP), encouraging R&D and prioritizing reviews for rare diseases and urgently needed clinical products. Guidelines for online sales and labeling of special foods were also released to ensure compliance and safety.

Significant breakthroughs were achieved in the dual-track system reform for health food registration, leading to increased market dynamism and a rise in registered products. In 2023, 875 health food products were approved for registration, and 3,423 health food filing certificates were issued, a 2.5% increase from 2022. The number of infant formula and FSMP also saw a record high in registrations.

Efforts were made to prevent and mitigate risks throughout the entire process of special food production and sales. Measures included inspections, training, and guidance for companies to strengthen their risk management systems. In 2023, over two million inspections were conducted, identifying 169,000 issues. Comprehensive inspections were carried out for health food and infant formula production enterprises, ensuring safety and stability in supply.

Overall, these initiatives have led to a positive trend in the safety and development of special foods, with continuous improvements in regulatory practices and industry standards. (Source: CIRS-Group)

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