Board Level

Board Members have the following privileges and benefits:

  1. Appoint one representative to the associations’ board of directors, which must be an employee of said member’s company, officer, partner through joint venture or other business relationship to the member’s company and possesses decision making power on behalf of the member company in regard to association business decisions
  2. Steering Position: Have one vote on all matters presented to the board
  3. Appoint board of directors and other officers
  4. Serve as directors or officers
  5. Have access to all reports, board meeting notes and other materials that the association generates
  6. Attend China sub-committee meetings and/or receive the meeting notes
  7. Receive / Access to all association’s publications
  8. Association can do a company video profile including on-site facility visit, interview with corporate leadership showcasing company history, areas of expertise, products produced, international certificates that have been obtained, etc. The video will be posted on the association’s U.S. and Chinese website and shared with global natural health product industry news sources. Since the videos will be shown on the association’s websites and exposed to the international community, this is a great way to attract new global business and built open and transparent trust.
  9. The association is not responsible for any costs incurred as a result of producing the Company Profile video. This includes travel, food and lodging expenses, filming, editing, subtitle creation, translation work, and final production of the video.
    These expenses are the sole responsibility of the member. If the company already has a cooperate video, the association can link visitors to view the video as well as create Chinese sub-titles.
  10. Access to the association’s vast array of partners for trade marking, customs clearance, product registrations, business licensing, headhunting, etc.
  11. Association staff will offer assistance in finding potential partners in the areas of distribution, wholesale, retail and e-commerce.
  12. Association staff will offer assistance with any issues faced by members in China by cooperating directly with the member and relevant parties.
  13. Participate in seminars, trade missions or trade shows organized by the association (Entry tickets, air travel, hotel, food as well as any other costs to attend these events are not included in membership. These fees are the responsibility of the member and will not be paid by the association)
  14. The association has booths at China’s main expos to show case itself as well as its members. Members can place materials in the booth to market their products or services.
  15. Submit news and educational articles for publication in any/all of the following association’s publications:
    • Weekly English newsletter, “China Updates” (English)
    • Weekly Chinese newsletter, “Health Weekly” (健康周报 Chinese)
    • China Food Safety Magazine (monthly magazine in Chinese)
    • WeChat Social Media Platform (Daily posts in Chinese)
    • LinkedIn 15,000+ followers

    Use of association logo on the member’s website and marketing materials

More on Benefits

The list of benefits listed above is not all encompassing. There are many other areas the association can be of assistance. For example, the association’s team has offered its members assistance with a variety of endeavors such as sourcing, getting discounts at local events, helping with hotel stays, leading them on in country market research excursions, gaining recognition and awards, DNA testing of botanical ingredients etc. The association works with each member independently based on their needs in the market.