HUISON Biotech is Leading the Domestic DHA Market

Chinese mother and children DHA market is expected to increase to RMB 11.96 billion yuan (USD $1.76 billion) by 2023, with rising demand in the upcoming future. Established in 2001, Xiamen HUISON Biotech is the first enterprise exporting DHA algae oil in China and the only international supplier of DHA algae oil with dual certification from Europe and the United States.

HUISON’s non-solvent DHA algae oil adopts advanced physical wall-breaking technology (ZL 200910225296.6) and non-solvent extraction technology (ZL 201410099686.4). More importantly, HUISON’s patented “HS01” has passed the oral toxicity test, three genotoxicity tests, and the teratogenicity test of CDC, and thus its extracted DHA algae oil was confirmed with the potential for memory improvement. (Source:

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