Little Red Book Shopping App Proves Consumer Confidence

Little Red Book, aka Xiaohongshu, or more simply ‘Red’, is a leading Chinese social shopping app. With over 300 million users (and counting), western brands are taking notice – and with good reason. Little Red Book first appeared in 2013. From modest beginnings focussing on female beauty products, the app expanded to help all kinds of global … Read more

China’s E-commerce Market Sees at Least 89 Platforms Close in 2022

Online shopping guide sites were the hardest hit, with 32 of these platforms shut down to account for about 36 per cent of overall casualties in 2022 The highest-profile e-commerce casualty last year was, formerly a leading Chinese consumer goods auction site that was acquired by eBay China’s e-commerce market saw at least 89 online shopping … Read more

2 Batches of License “ShiJianJin” Nutrient Supplements Failed Sampling Inspection

Recently, the official website of the State Administration for Market Regulation showed that the two batches of nutrient supplements imported by the K-Lex company from the USA were found not meeting the vitamin requirements of product implementation standards. Both products are early-approved license “ShiJianJin” multivitamin tablets. Guangzhou Tianhe District has temporarily detained a total of … Read more

CBD Regulations in Hong Kong

On February 1, Hong Kong’s ban on cannabidiol (CBD) went into effect, with severe penalties for importing, producing, or possessing the substance, and CBD will be subject to the same strict controls as other drugs listed in the Dangerous Drugs Ordinance (DDO). The government has instructed that any products containing the CBD ingredient must be … Read more

H&H Group’s Development Strategies for Mother and Child Industry

How can the Chinese market achieve sustained growth when facing a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous VUCA business environment? The CEO of H&H Group China, Li Fengting (Suceka), announced that “from 2023 to 2025, the three business segments, BNC, ANC, and PNC, will develop in a balanced manner to provide more detailed and comprehensive nutrition … Read more

TikTok Relaxed Entry Conditions of Health Brands

A few days ago, TikTok e-commerce updated the industry management specifications for traditional nutritional supplements and health food. Before the change, for the health food category, TikTok e-commerce has been using targeted invitations for entry, including only about 20 brands under the Xiuzheng Pharmaceutical Group and Renhe Pharmacy, with a high entry threshold. After the … Read more

2022 Industry Analysis of Tonic Health Food

1. The penetration rate of the tonic health concept for people aged 54-64 reached 29%, and the penetration rate of people under 24 reached 19%. The young generation’s awareness of the concept of tonic health has increased, which has given rise to the demand for tonic health food. 2. According to the data, Taobao Tmall’s … Read more

The 2022 Annual Sales of ALIENERGY Electrolyte Water

Tang Benson, the founder of Yuanqisenlin, released an internal letter to all staff, in which he disclosed for the first time that ALIENERGY Electrolyte Water’s annual sales reached RMB 1.27 billion yuan (USD $190 million). As early as May last year, the sales of electrolyte water broke RMB 100 million yuan (USD $14.8 million) in … Read more

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Analysis on the Registration Application of New Food Raw Material (Novel Food) in China in 2022

In 2022, the National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China (NHC) issued 3 announcements for “Three New Foods” (No.1, 2022; No.2, 2022; No.5, 2022), with 75 products approved (including new food raw materials, new food additives and products related to food). Among the 75 products, five new food raw materials were approved, these are: Kanzan flower, Pyrroloquinolinequinonedisodium (PQQ) salt, Chlamydomonas … Read more

Demand for Imported Goods Grows Among Cross-Border Shoppers

Chinese consumers have shown vibrant purchasing power for exquisite and premium consumer goods, with their spending on imported and foreign-branded products becoming a key driver for upgraded consumption, according to industry insiders. Li Yanchuan, head of Amazon China Global Store and Prime, said,”Young Chinese consumers, especially Generation Z, use independent thinking and judgment when choosing … Read more