How China’s Retail is Shaping the Way the World Shops

China’s dominance in manufacturing has made it the factory of the world. The subsequent economic growth enriched an ever-expanding middle class, and the country’s retail industry has quickly adapted to supply a growing appetite for consumption. Some of these developments in the way people spend their money, powered by the latest technology, will soon be … Read more

What is Chinese PIPL Law and Why it Should Matter to You

On November 1st 2021, a new Chinese law, aptly named PIPL, or Personal Information Protection Law, took effect. PIPL is a major piece of legislation that aims at protecting personal information in China, it establishes a framework for handling personal information in one of the largest markets in the world. PIPL, in some ways, is … Read more

The Association Standard of Probiotic Food

On November 25, the association standard of Probiotic Food led by the China Food Industry Association was released in Beijing. It is reported that, for the first time, the association standard gives the definition of “probiotic food” from the level of industry coordination and clarifies four technical requirements for probiotic strains usage in “probiotic food” … Read more

How Big is the Market for Sleep Aids?

Most of the sleep problems in China are caused by the lack of sleep, due to work pressure and bad habits brought by the fierce competition in the Chinese labor market. It is estimated that the total number of patients with sleep disorder in the nation exceed 300 million, meaning that there is a huge … Read more

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Henan Pilot Project: Cross-border E-commerce Retail of Drugs

The General Office of Henan Provincial People’s Government officially released the “Implementation Plan for the Pilot Project of Cross-border E-commerce Retail Import of Pharmaceuticals in Henan Province”. The pilot period is three years from the date of approval by the State Council. Cross-border e-commerce has become the accelerating engine of domestic nutrition and health consumption … Read more

Ali Health’s Performance for the First Half of the Fiscal Year

On the evening of November 24, Ali Health announced its interim results for the fiscal year 2022 (the six-month period ending on September 30, 2021), reporting revenue of RMB 9.36 billion yuan (USD $1.47 billion), up 30.7% year-over-year, with 90 million active consumers in its online stores. With the rapid growth of the business, Ali … Read more

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China Updates – Weekly Market Intel

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Probiotics China – November 2021

Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd. (Yili Group) invested in Ausnutria Dairy Corporation on Oct. 27. Jingang, the wholly-owned subsidiary of Yili Group, will acquire a total of 531m shares from other shareholders at a price of HK$10.06 (US$1.29) per share, which represents approximately 30.89% of the total issued shares of Ausnutria. In addition, Ausnutria will … Read more