New Food Ingredient Accepted

China’s National Health Commission accepted an application for a new food ingredient – camelina oilseed. Camelina seed oil is a plant oil extracted from the seeds of the camelina plant. Camelina belongs to the Brassicaceae family and is an annual or biennial oil-bearing crop. This oilseed crop originated in Europe, and is now grown in … Read more

Foodaily Daily Food and Douyin Mall Release “2024 Food Nutrition Health Trend Report”

On May 11, Foodaily Daily Food in collaboration with Douyin Mall released the “2024 Food Nutrition Health Trend Report”. The report shows that the public’s understanding of probiotics has evolved from early popular science explanations to focusing on probiotic categories and brands, and then to more professional concepts such as strain names and live bacterial … Read more

Jinguanzhuang Launches New Gummy Product

Jinguanzhuang introduced “Goodbase Durian Gummies”. Durian is sweet in taste and rich in vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber, earning its reputation as the “King of Fruits” in Southeast Asia. In 2022, China’s durian import value was approximately 4 billion US dollars, four times that of five years ago, and a culture of giving durians as … Read more

China CFE Released Notice on Registration and Application for FSMP

On May 15, 2024, in accordance with the Administrative Measures for Foods for Special Medical Purposes Registration (Announcement No. 85) issued by the State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR), the Center for Food Evaluation (CFE) has reviewed the registration applications for FSMP seeking priority review and approval, and is now making public FSMP proposed for … Read more

Abbott Launches New Generation Nutritional Supplement

On May 15, the new generation of Abbott Ensure was launched, providing comprehensive nutritional support for China’s elderly and recovering population. It is among the first domestically registered Foods for Special Medical Purposes. It is reported that this upgraded Abbott Ensure, based on the original comprehensive nutritional formula rich in 35 nutritional elements, contains 21.15 … Read more

Group Standard “Electrolyte Beverages” (T/CBIA 012-2024) Approved for Release

On May 10th, the China Beverage Industry Association issued a notice. According to the “China Beverage Industry Association Group Standard Management Measures,” after going through the stages of establishment, drafting, soliciting opinions, and review, the group standard “Electrolyte Beverages” (T/CBIA 012-2024) has completed all the formulation procedures. This group standard has been approved for release … Read more

Youngsters Becoming More Fitness-Conscious

HPA-China Commentary: yet another example of how wellness and being fit has been sweeping across China, which was already heavily influenced by ancient traditions of keeping healthy. The concept and motivation of health is also driving the sales of dietary supplements in the market. Cross border e-commerce sales and traditional brick and mortar sales have … Read more

Alibaba, Earnings to Reflect Dilemma

Quarterly earnings reports from Chinese e-commerce giants Alibaba and this week will be closely watched as barometers for the mood of consumers in the world’s second-largest economy. Both firms, which combined account for about 69% of China’s e-commerce market revenue, according to DBS estimates, have faced increasing competition in recent years from low-cost platforms, … Read more

Public Comments sought on Food Nutrition Enhancers! Lactose-N-Tetrasaccharide and 2’-Fucosyllactose Make the List Again

On May 10th, according to the National Food Safety Risk Assessment Center, public comments are being solicited for new types of food additives such as D-Allulose-3-Epimerase, new types of food nutrition enhancers like 2′-Fucosyllactose and Lactose-N-Tetrasaccharide, as well as food nutrition enhancers like Sodium Ferrous Citrate that are seeking to expand their usage scopes. The … Read more