VIDEO: Dietary Supplement Expo Set for 2024 Shanghai China

HPA-Global Insight’s, Jeff Crowther, talks with Monika Xing, Deputy Director of Health & Nutrition Depart – CCCMHPIE, about HNC Expo scheduled for June 19-21, 2024 in Shanghai. They also discuss demographics and the overall growth / use of dietary supplements in China.  CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO Sign Up to Receive China Updates Weekly … Read more

2023 Q2: China’s Dietary Supplement Cross-border Ecommerce Performance

Once again HPA-China’s Jeff Crowther and Early Data’s Brian Negley get together to review China’s dietary supplement online performance for 2023 Q2. Review includes Tmall, JD, Pin Duo Duo, VIP, Kaola, Douyin and more. Also reviews both domestic and cross-border e-commerce as well as top brands. To view the video, please visit the association’s YouTube … Read more

14 Years in China

This week I was reminded by my calendar that on August 6, 2005 I landed in Beijing, China as an NBTY representative and China Business Development Manager. I enjoyed China so much, I ended up living there 14 years. Truly an amazing part of my life. I’m still very much focused on China and running HPA … Read more

Probiotics China News Bites – July 2023

HPA-China Monthly Newsletter On July 10, 2023, the National Health and Medical Commission issued an announcement on the acceptance of new food raw materials reviewing for ” Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. XLTG11 ” . This is another big news about bifidobacteria after the National Health and Medical Commission issued the No. 4 Announcement of 2022 “Announcement … Read more

Probiotics China News Bites – June 2023

According to the “Food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China”, the “Management Measures for the Catalog of Health Food Raw Materials and the Catalog of Health Functions”, the State Administration for Market Regulation, together with the National Health Commission and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, adjusted the “Catalogue of Health Food … Read more

HPA-China’s Probiotics China Seminar to be Held at Hi-Fi Asia China Expo

HPA-China together with partners International Probiotics Association and Informa (SinoExpo) will be hosting the following Probiotics China Seminar at Hi-Fi Asia China Expo in Shanghai on June 20, 2023. This is a Chinese language event… Below are the details: 重磅 | 2023年的益生菌行业有何不同? 美中健康产品协会2023-06-03 23:00 2023年及以后推出的含益生菌的创新产品有机会受到更多消费者的欢迎。根据FMCG Gurus发布的《Probiotics in 2021》报告,全球范围内购买益生菌产品的消费者比例在两年间增长了8%(以12个月为计算周期),从2018年的51%增长到了2020年的59%。换言之,每10个消费者中就有6个使用过益生菌。 KRC Research于2021年为达能开展了一项针对1000多名消费者的市场调查,结果显示,67%的人认为益生菌在促进整体健康方面可以发挥重要作用。这为企业进军符合特定条件的益生菌配方市场提供了一个灵活的跳板。 作为2023年颇受瞩目的食品热门原料 “益生菌”话题经久不衰! 在即将到来的健康天然原料、食品配料中国展上 中国国际益生菌行业交流研讨会 将于6月20日 … Read more

Health Products Association – China Executive Director Reflects on Market Dynamics, Challenges

China’s supplement market is growing at double digit levels. Jeff Crowther has the market intel to assist companies in capitalizing on emerging opportunities. By Sean Moloughney, Editor 06.02.22 With nearly 30 years of experience in the dietary supplement industry, Jeff Crowther has worked in retail management, international business development, international regulatory advocacy, and more. As … Read more