HPA-Global Insights Video Podcast

Next Wednesday October 20, 2021, I’ll be welcoming my friend Cathy Yu to join me on HPA – China & HPA-Global Insights video podcast for a discussion on China’s dietary supplement regulations. Don’t miss it, sign up for HPA-China’s FREE weekly newsletter “China Updates” before October 19th and the video link will be in the … Read more

China’s Digital “Walled Gardens” – Breaking them Down

HPA-Global Insights welcomes back Ron Wardle for another dive into China’s digital world. China has been working to downsize the power and influence of its largest social media and digital platforms like Alibaba, Tencent, etc.. One area the government is focusing on is to breakdown the “walls” that corral consumers into these individual platforms without … Read more

Retail Dietary Supplements: Safety & Quality Programs

In this video HPA-Global Insights welcomes David Trosin, Managing Director Health Sciences Certification at NSF. Discussion focuses on retailers growing need to have their own safety and quality programs in place to protect their customers from poor quality, adulterated or mislabeled supplements. CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO

Strategies for Cross Border E-commerce Success in China

Online Training with a China Market Insider July 29th, 2021, 10-11 AM PST The U.S. Commercial Service/Portland, OR and the Health Products Association-China present this one-hour webinar focusing on cross-border e-Commerce sales to China of nutritional supplements, processed foods/beverages and cosmetics/personal care products. Topics Covered: 1)     Activating your brand prior to Market Entry 2)    Use … Read more

Monthly CBEC Data Reports from TMO and HPA-China

Below are the latest cross border e-commerce (CBEC) data pack from TMO and HPA-China. The two organizations have partnered together to bring monthly market intel updates on China’s CBEC supplement business to the association’s members as well as readers of the association’s newsletter, “China Updates”. JULY 2022 Report JUNE 2022 Report MAY 2022 Report APRIL … Read more

FREE WEBINAR: How to Enter China’s Supplement Market with Gelatin Candy and Powder Dosage Forms

The year 2016 is a watershed in Chinese health food management reform, changing from the registration system lasting 20 years to the dual-track management system (registration and filing). Nearly 150 imported health food filing certificates have been issued until now since filing management implemented in May, 2017, compared with about 250 in total of imported … Read more