Review Paper in Science Advances Discusses Reduced Inflammation and Increased NAD+

This article has been referenced among parties partial to (or selling) nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) supplements to dispute the effectiveness of NR supplementation—but it is not entirely accurate or complete. Therefore, we also have also provided some comments on this review paper, addressing both its thoroughness and accuracy. The paper is missing four clinical NR studies … Read more

Life-Space Expands Presence in Southeast Asia

As urbanization and economic levels continue to soar in Southeast Asia, the region has emerged as a burgeoning market for dietary supplement businesses, owing to its remarkable growth potential. Recognizing this opportunity, Life-Space, a renowned brand with extensive expertise in the field of probiotics, has strategically positioned itself to cater to the evolving demands of … Read more

China Continues to Revise the Food Labeling Standard

On November 21, 2023, the China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment (CFSA) held an event[1] concerning digital labels for prepackaged foods. During the event, CFSA indicated that it is currently revising GB 7718-2011 – General Standard for the Labeling of Prepackaged Foods[2] by incorporating requirements for digital labels. Compared with the traditional way of printing product … Read more

Huison Biotech Develops Active Substances from Marine Microbial Strains

“Huison Biotech” secured tens of millions of Chinese yuan (several million dollars) in financing, which will be used to expand the production capacity of tobacco enzyme preparations and develop the market for probiotics products. It is reported that Huison Biotech has established a strategic cooperation with the Third Institute of Oceanography of the Ministry of … Read more

Junlebao Strategically Invested in Probiotics Enterprise “Yiran Biology”

Yiran Biology secured a strategic investment from Junlebao Dairy Group, achieving a powerful collaboration between a leading probiotics company and a dairy industry giant. Both parties will engage in comprehensive cooperation based on microbial research innovation and industrial deployment, promoting the high-quality development of independent intellectual property in microbial research and industry in China. Established … Read more

2024 Trends Report on Consumption of Blue Hat Domestic Health Products

On December 20th, Tmall Health and Tmall Innovation Center, in collaboration with CBNData, released the “2024 Trends Report on Consumption of Blue Hat Domestic Health Products”, providing a comprehensive overview of the current status of Chinese health food industry. According to the report, per capita medical and health care consumption in the first half of … Read more

Biolution Introduced the First Probiotic Solution in Response to the Global Microplastics Challenge

Biolution is a research-focused brand specializing in oral probiotics. Its core research team is composed of scientists from top international institutions such as Harvard Medical School and Yale University. In early 2023, Biolution successfully developed the world’s first probiotic strain with “plastic elimination” capabilities, Droplastic™ (also known as Plant Milk Bacterium DT88). This breakthrough signifies … Read more

Industry Standardization of the Detection Method for Probiotics Viability

The industry standardization, “the method for testing the in vitro viability of probiotics in edible fungus agents by a simulated digestive system” is officially initiated, led by major contributors such as the China National Research Institute of Food & Fermentation Industries and BY-HEALTH. More than 20 institutions and enterprises, including the Chinese Academy of Inspection … Read more

Dr. Cheese Launched “High Calcium Cheese Milk Round”

The “High Calcium Cheese Milk Round” is made from the core cheese powder of Dr. Cheese’s star product, the low-salt, high-calcium small round cheese. In addition, it includes over 75% whole milk powder from New Zealand. The calcium content of the new product is 726mg/100g, and the protein content is 22.3g/100g, delivering a pure and … Read more