Hongxing Meiling Launches Health-Enhancing Goat Milk Powder

Sheep milk has a long history in China. Ancient people had already discovered its high nutritional value. Many ancient texts have recorded the benefits of sheep milk.

Modern medicine has found that sheep milk contains adenosine, which regulates physiological functions and substance metabolism, playing an important role in regulating sugar, fat metabolism, nucleic acids, and protein synthesis; the rich insulin-like growth factor has a good auxiliary conditioning effect on diabetes symptoms.

Red Star Meiling is guided by consumer health needs and has worked with the Shaanxi Functional Food Engineering Technology Research Center for more than ten years. While retaining the rich natural active nutrients of sheep milk, it has developed the nutritional health functions of sheep milk and developed the first domestic auxiliary hypoglycemic health sheep milk powder – Red Star Meiling Chitosan Sheep Milk Powder, providing assurance for people with high blood sugar to intake high-quality protein.

Specially crafted for individuals with high blood sugar, using high-quality sheep milk powder from Red Star Meiling’s self-built and controlled dairy source base as raw material. In the formulation, key ingredients such as chromium picolinate, chitosan, and zinc lactate are added in scientifically balanced proportions to work synergistically.

Animal functional and human taste tests have confirmed its health benefits in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.

Expert Opinions

Director of Shaanxi Functional Food Engineering Technology Research Center and Vice Dean of Northwest University Institute of Life Sciences and Health, Liu Jianshu, stated that the incidence of diabetes is increasing, with onset age decreasing. Especially among people over fifty, half of them suffer from high blood sugar. The launch of Red Star Meiling Chitosan Sheep Milk Powder brings a healthy solution for these special individuals.

Professor Zhang Fuxin, an expert in the goat milk processing field of the Shaanxi Province Sheep and Goat Industry Technology System and a member of the Shaanxi Food Safety Committee, expressed that Red Star Meiling has utilized the health advantages of sheep milk to develop the Meiling Chitosan Sheep Milk Powder, providing assurance for special individuals to intake high-quality protein and delivering a healthy solution to consumers.

The “Adult Diabetes Dietary Guidelines (2023 Edition)” issued by the National Health Commission pointed out that many risk factors for diabetes are related to unreasonable dietary habits. Lü Juan, the chief editor of the New Dairy Industry, chief dairy industry researcher of Hua Tang Yunshang, and deputy editor-in-chief of Brand Agriculture and Market, believes that food supplementation is better than medication. Red Star Meiling Chitosan Sheep Milk Powder, through scientifically nutritional support, offers a new choice of nutritious food for diabetic patients. (Source: china-hxry.com.cn)

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