Food Technology Trends in 2023

After analyzing the domestic and international technology trends in the food and beverage industry, FBIF summarized and predicted the 8 major trends of technology development in the global food and beverage industry in 2023 from three perspectives: consumer value, cost reduction, and sustainability.

1. Consumers demand a better eating experience, to taste good, to have a more authentic flavor, and to be more nutritious and convenient.

2. Brands increasingly focus on the functionality of packaging.

3. Personalized nutrition solutions based on refined analysis of personal health data.

4. Using technology as a tool and aid to truly achieve intelligent efficiency.

5. Monitoring food waste is also reducing food loss in the supply chain.

6. Upcycled food has wide potential and attracts consumers.

7. The future direction of innovation in the food and beverage industry will gradually trace back to agriculture, farming, and raw material manufacturing.

8. Alternative protein industry needs to focus on consumer value and use technology to create more cost-effective products. (Source: FBIF)

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