American Dietary Nutrition Brand BigVita Enters the Chinese Market

As a pioneer in the field of health and nutritional lifestyle innovation, the American dietary nutrition brand BigVita officially enters the Chinese market. The Tmall “BigVita Overseas Flagship Store” made a strong debut, introducing the concept of “Ingredient Synergy” for the first time in the domestic market, tailored for women aged 25 to 45 and working professionals.

Recognizing the limitations of simply piling up ingredients, BigVita takes a departure from the fundamental principles of cellular metabolism, to harness the synergistic effects between components through well-balanced ingredient ratios.

The “Elevating Care” series is BigVita’s first product line launched based on the “Ingredient Synergy” concept. This series includes a range of products such as Cell Revitalizing Vitamins, Heart & Liver Buddy Vitamins, Vitality Boosting Vitamins, and Lung Immortality Vitamins, covering various aspects of daily life. (Source:

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