ER-KANG Pharmaceuticals Achieves Dual GMP International Certification

Recently, the awarding ceremony for the issuance of the dual NSF GMP certifications was held at the ER-KANG Pharmaceuticals’ headquarters. Dr. Shan Yulong, general manager of NSF China, attended the ceremony and presented the certificates. ER-KANG Pharmaceuticals has become the first company in the nation to obtain both NSF 173 GMPDI and NSF/ANSI 455-2 GMP certifications for dietary supplement factories.

From now on, buyers and consumers worldwide can access information about ER-KANG Pharmaceuticals’ achievement of these two GMP certifications on the NSF global official website. The company will continue to offer professional OEM and ODM services for domestic and international brand owners, covering a range of products including plant-based capsules, hard capsules, tablets, powders, and more. (Source: news.qq)

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