Juneyao Dairy Plans for a US$84 Million Production Capacity in 2024

Juneyao Dairy is a large health technology innovation enterprise that focuses on ambient temperature lactic acid bacteria beverages as its main product, with functional probiotics as the core breakthrough. The company has experimented with strains that combat Helicobacter pylori and promote liver health, forming multiple series of probiotic products. Recently, during an institutional survey, Juneyao Dairy revealed that, according to its medium to long-term plans, the company’s business will transition from a single flagship product-driven model to a new business structure centered around B-end operations, featuring 4-5 active probiotic terminal brands. It is reported that Juneyao Health has already completed its production capacity layout for the year 2024, based on a production capacity limit of RMB 600 million yuan (USD $84 million), and is concurrently ensuring that order progress aligns with production capacity. (Source: finance.sina)

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