YanGu Select Brand Forms Strategic Partnership with Lanmei Corporation

Recently, YanGu Select signed a cooperation agreement with Lanmei Corporation and Dongli Research Institute to officially launch an international collaboration on eye health products. This partnership aims to advance the field of eye care, providing consumers with higher-quality eye care experiences. (Source: Zhejiang Lanmei) Sign Up to Receive China Updates Weekly Newsletter for FREE, HERE … Read more

Bloomage Biotech’s Health Food Headquarters Settles in Hangzhou

Bloomage Biotech(688363)successfully held a signing ceremony with the Qiantang (New) District of Hangzhou, marking the official establishment of Bloomage Biotech’s health food headquarters in Hangzhou’s Pharmaceutical Port. The project will leverage synthetic biology technology, focusing on the research, development, production, and sales of health foods and functional foods. Once fully operational, the headquarters is expected … Read more

YiRan Biotech Secures Strategic Investment from Shengwang Fund

, YiRan Biotech announced that it has secured a strategic investment from Shengwang Fund, a subsidiary of New Hope Grassroots Group. The two parties will engage in comprehensive cooperation based on scientific research innovation and industrialization layout of strains, focusing on unique probiotic research to develop “Probiotics+” innovative products tailored to the needs of both … Read more

GuanZhan Launches New Brand “ZhenGuan Red Ginseng” with New Products

, GuanZhan announced the launch of its new brand “ZhenGuan Red Ginseng.” According to the brand, ZhenGuan is a modern Chinese red ginseng supplement brand that focuses on using authentic Changbai Mountain ginseng as the main ingredient. By combining traditional herbal formulas with modern scientific technology, the brand aims to meet the efficient and convenient … Read more

China: New Data Privacy Law Takes Effect November 1st

China’s National People’s Congress on Friday passed a law designed to protect online user data privacy and will implement the policy from Nov. 1, according to state media outlet Xinhua. The law’s passage completes another pillar in the country’s efforts to regulate cyberspace and is expected to add more compliance requirements for companies in the … Read more

Bright Dairy Launches New Light-Sugar Fresh Milk Ice Cream

Bright Dairy officially launched its new light-sugar fresh milk ice cream, available in vanilla, banana, and mixed berry flavors. This series features light-sugar products with a 50% reduction in sucrose and comes in small, convenient cup sizes to help control portion intake. The vanilla flavor combines rich fresh milk with vanilla and contains sodium hyaluronate … Read more

China’s Cross-border E-commerce Platforms Ban the Sale of NMN-related Food Products

Recent reports indicate that multiple Chinese e-commerce platforms have released notices stating that NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide) food/supplements produced in certain countries and regions will be prohibited from being sold on cross-border e-commerce(CBEC) platforms in China.  Banned Sales Regions: food products containing NMN ingredients produced in the following countries and regions: Taiwan, China; Macau, China; United States; Australia; … Read more

Beijing Proposes Ban on Live Streaming Sales of Health Products

Beijing Municipal Administration for Market Regulation released the “Compliance Guidelines for Live Streaming Sales in Beijing (Draft for Public Comment).” The draft clearly stipulates that advertisements for food, cosmetics, and lifestyle beauty products must not involve disease prevention or treatment functions, must not use medical terminology, or language that could confuse the promoted products and … Read more

The General Administration Issues the “Regulations on the List of Non-Edible Substances That May Be Added to Food”

State Administration for Market Regulation issued the “Regulations on the Management of the List of Non-Edible Substances That May Be Added to Food.” The regulations stipulate that substances included in the list of non-edible substances must meet the following conditions: they are identified based on information from foodborne disease monitoring, food safety risk assessment, and … Read more

ChromaDex to Launch Niagen+, the First-Of-Its-Kind Pharmaceutical-Grade Intravenous and Injectable Niagen ®

Clinical study results demonstrated that Niagen IV had no adverse side effects, provided superior tolerability, and a 75% shorter infusion time, with blood NAD+ levels peaking sooner and higher three hours post-infusion as compared to NAD+ IV. The U.S. FDA authorized nicotinamide riboside chloride (NRC) for compounding by 503B outsourcing facilities, which will soon be … Read more