Probiotics China News Bites – January 2024

  • IFF’s new strain research and development center was unveiled in France. It is reported that the R&D center covers an area of 3,800 square meters and will support product design and development from concept to commercialization. It has also expanded and added a fully automatic fermentation strain packaging production line. At the same time, the new R&D center is equipped with cutting-edge laboratories for molecular biology, strain and phage research, and is the launching pad for various groundbreaking research initiatives. In addition, IFF’s high-throughput laboratory, which works closely with the enzyme preparation laboratory in Leiden, the Netherlands, will accelerate the research and development process.
  • Recently, FrieslandCampina Food Ingredients released the “2024 Nutrition Trends” report, which will focus on five aspects: 1) Building a sustainable future together; 2) Nutrition must also be determined for each person; 3) Alternative proteins are the time; 4 ) a new “intestinal” state of overall health; 5) the vitality and resilience of the silver-haired people.
  • Lallemand has completed its acquisition of Swiss biotechnology company Evolva. The relevant financial terms have not been disclosed. It is reported that Evolva is headquartered in Switzerland and focuses on the research, development and commercialization of yeast-derived natural ingredients, which can be used in flavors, fragrances, health ingredients and other fields.
  • NutriLeads raises €4.5 million in Series C funding. It is reported that this round of financing was led by existing investor DSM Firmenich Ventures and will be used to support the company’s expansion in consumer markets and regions and create BeniCaros, a precision prebiotic fiber ingredient that enhances intestinal and immune health global brand. Among them, BeniCaros is made from upgraded carrot pulp ingredients. It only requires a low dose to bring about a more sensitive innate immune response, and can also continuously improve the composition of the microbiome, thereby forming a more resilient intestinal ecosystem.
  • Brightseed announced it has received a second grant to use its artificial intelligence platform Forager to conduct research to identify and validate natural bioactive compounds for environmental intestinal dysfunction (EED) in malnourished pregnant and lactating women. Environmental intestinal dysfunction (EED) is a poorly understood disorder that is caused in part by micronutrient deficiencies, malnutrition, certain intestinal infections, and abnormalities in the gut microbiota. The disease itself is asymptomatic but can cause nutrient malabsorption, developmental delays, and wasting in infants, which can have long-term negative effects on the child’s health and development.
  • The National Food Safety Risk Assessment Center, entrusted by the National Health Commission, listed L-α-glyphosphorylcholine and Leuconostoc mesenteroides to be new food raw materilas, in accordance with the provisions of the Food Safety Law and the Management Measures for Safety Review of New Food Ingredients. It is reported that the relevant information has passed the technical review of the expert review committee and is now open to solicit opinions.
  • On January 15, Mengniu officially announced the launch of a new product called 0-lactose milk, which is designed to be “drinkable anytime, anywhere” without worrying about stomach upset after drinking milk. At the same time, the lactose-free brand also officially announced the brand spokesperson Zhao Liying, and together we started the journey of drinking milk freely.
  • The probiotic R&D and production company Baiaoda received a new round of investment from CMB International and GF Xinde, and Fuyuan Investment continued to increase its investment. This is Baiaoda’s second financing in half a year, with the cumulative financing amount reaching hundreds of millions of yuan. Chenrui Capital continues to serve as the exclusive financial advisor and accompanies the company’s growth as a capital advisor. Baiaoda is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research, development, production and sales of the entire industrial chain of microbial probiotics. The company masters patented strains, core production equipment and commercial mass production capabilities, and provides solutions for the general health, medicine, dairy, food and modern agriculture industries. Its products include probiotic powder, ODM probiotic products, dairy compound, Animal husbandry starter, etc.
  • The research team of Professor Lou Wenyong of South China University of Technology discovered a strain that can reduce blood uric acid levels, which is consistent with Biosynthetic Biotech’s concept of “changing lives with probiotics”. Therefore, the two parties conducted in-depth cooperation to explore the functions and functions of Lactobacillus plantarum FS4722 in food application. Professor Lou Wenyong, as an outstanding representative in this field, will continue to lead the team to study how this lactic acid bacteria can reduce blood uric acid levels by interfering with intestinal microflora and related metabolites, and further explore its role in preventing diseases such as hyperuricemia and gout. potential applications and industrialization to provide consumers with healthier and safer food solutions.
  • Lactobacillus plantarum FS4722 (L. plantarum FS4722) is a functional probiotic strain with excellent performance in reducing uric acid, weight management, and anti-inflammation. This strain has been authorized by China’s invention patent (Patent No. ZL202210167880.6). Research has proven that this strain can inhibit the synthesis of urate, while improving the intestinal excretion function of urate and reducing uric acid levels in the body. At the same time, it can reduce the activities of xanthine oxidase (XOD) and purine nucleoside phosphatase (PNPase), which are closely related to the synthesis of uric acid, and reduce the production of uric acid from the source.
  • Dajiang Biomedical launched a new product called Deep Breathing, lung-clearing and beneficial bacteria drink. According to official reports, every autumn and winter is a period of high incidence of respiratory diseases, and this year the situation is getting more serious! Raging influenza A, B, mycoplasma, and syncytial viruses may cause coughs. Under such an environment, the market demand for cough improvement and lung protection has surged! Dajiang Biomedical Tomorrow Laboratory has discovered a new probiotic TCI 357, which has triple functions to protect the lungs, and uses this raw material to create a deep breathing, lung-clearing and beneficial bacteria drink, which can effectively improve respiratory problems in 8 weeks.
  • British supermarket Marks & Spencer collaborated with nutritional science company Zoe to launch M&S Food x Zoe Gut Shot. It is reported that the product is a creamy drink with no added sugar or sweeteners, artificial gums or emulsifiers, and contains more than 5 billion live cultures of 14 friendly strains.
  • The high-quality nutrition and supplement brand “Smart Protein” has launched a new series of high-quality active and healthy nutritional supplements including “active” sports nutrition products like protein powders, creatine and electrolytes; “healthy” vitamins and supplements: nootropics, gummies and super greens.
  • On January 8, Juneyao Health (305388) released an investor relations activity record sheet showing that the company’s business structure has changed this year. Wei Dynamics, as the main force of the original business, provided revenue and profits, and is now gradually turning to the probiotic business. Judging from this year’s situation, Wei Dynamics is currently maintaining mid-single-digit growth. If there are no major changes in the product, the company will focus on balance, and the probiotic business will bring growth. Judging from the company’s mid- and long-term plans, the company’s business will change from a single large-scale taste power to a new business structure centered on b-end operations, equipped with 4-5 active probiotic terminal brands.
  • Recently, the research results of Yili’s independent intellectual property probiotic BL-99 were published in the world’s top scientific and technological journal “Nature” sub-journal “Nature Communications”. The study, conducted by Yili in collaboration with Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, the National Dairy Technology Innovation Center and China Agricultural University, showed that BL-99 can effectively relieve the symptoms of functional dyspepsia.
  • On December 29, a sour milk cow officially announced the launch of the Northeast-limited magical yellow peach yogurt series. According to the brand, this series includes Magic Yellow Peach Cheese Berry, Magic Yellow Peach Yoghurt Shake and Magic Yellow Peach Poplar Nectar. Yellow peach pulp is added to this series. Among them, the Magic Yellow Peach Cheese Berry adds extra strawberries, is paired with jasmine green tea, and adds cheese yogurt cap; the Magic Yellow Peach Yogurt Smoothie adds extra C-1 strain 12h slow-fermented fresh buttermilk; and the Magic Yellow Peach Yangzhi Manna adds extra Add grapefruit slices and crispy pops.
  • On January 2, Changqing officially announced the new launch of cereal popping yogurt. It is reported that the new product contains cereal popping beads with large fruit pellets, and is available in three flavors: original, blueberry, and green aloe vera. The product is 100% raw milk fermented and added with Changqing’s exclusive ratio of compound probiotics A+BB. Available in Berry Blend, Cocoa Blend and Coconut Blend flavors, the new products contain billions of live cultures, prebiotic fiber and no added sugar. Among them, the berry mixture specifically combines live bacteria with oats, flax seeds, wolfberries, strawberries, and vitamins B12 and D3 to effectively promote the normal function of the immune system. Cocoa Blend combines live cultures with oats, flax seeds, cocoa nibs, dried cherries and vitamins B12 and B5, designed to boost energy and reduce fatigue. Coconut Blend combines live cultures with oats, flaxseed, coconut and turmeric, as well as vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) to help support normal cognitive function.
  • Tomson By-Health Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Lin Zhicheng said in a recent exclusive interview with the media that in 2023, the dietary nutritional supplement industry will show increased penetration, an explosion of multiple categories, more sales channels will shift online, and new brands will continue to enter the 4 Characteristics, the industry has become more diversified, professional and younger.
  • Recently, Newmans Health Food Holdings Co., Ltd. submitted a prospectus to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and plans to list on the Hong Kong main board. The company’s main products include algae oil DHA, probiotics, vitamins, multidimensional nutrients and algae calcium. In 2022 and the first six months of 2023, the company achieved revenue of 184 million yuan and 192 million yuan respectively, and net profits during the same period were approximately 29 million yuan and 77 million yuan respectively.

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