Kingdomway: Received Suggestions from E-commerce Platforms to Delist Products Containing NMN

On June 3, according to media reports, a circulated notice indicated that several e-commerce platforms were informed that foods containing the “anti-aging” ingredient NMN (β-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide) originating from the United States, Australia, and other countries would no longer be allowed for sale on domestic cross-border e-commerce platforms starting June 1. That afternoon, a representative from the securities department of Kingdomway (002626) confirmed to a reporter from the Daily Economic News that the company had received such notifications from e-commerce platforms, suggesting that brands delist products containing NMN. “We have arranged for the delisting of products containing NMN. However, the company offers over 300 varieties, and the NMN products being delisted account for a small proportion of the brand’s overall sales, thus having a limited impact on brand revenue,” the representative stated. (Source: Daily Economic News)

HPA-China Commentary: It has been confirmed by the association from a variety of sources including Chinese Customs that NMN is no longer allowed to be sold via cross border e-commerce. However, we’ve received reports that some companies are simply changing the names of their products to be called NAD+. The NMN business was sizeable, so seems some aren’t willing to give up the business just yet.

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