British Probiotic Brand Bio-Kult® Enters Chinese Market

British probiotic brand Bio-Kult® has entered the Chinese market. The brand’s highly trusted Everyday gut health probiotic supplement has garnered over 10,000 consumer reviews on Amazon UK prior to its entry into China. The Everyday gut health probiotic supplement is used by the UK’s NHS (National Health Service) and features a scientifically developed advanced multi-strain formula with 14 different probiotic strains specifically targeting the human digestive system. This supplement enriches and balances the gut microbiota, promoting a healthy gut micro-ecosystem. Additionally, the product has clinical research evidence supporting its efficacy for individuals with IBS-D. The scientific validity and effectiveness of this clinical research have been rated as evidence level 3* (providing higher quality evidence than individual studies) in the global guidelines on probiotics and prebiotics published by the World Gastroenterology Organization (WGO) in 2023. (Source: ADM)

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