Mead Johnson AGIJOY Launches Two New Cross-border Products

On July 4, Mead Johnson’s adult nutrition brand AGIJOY launched two new cross-border products: “POO Ergothioneine 4D Anti-aging Capsules” and “Coenzyme Q10 Olive Leaf Heart Protection Capsules,” both heavily listed on cross-border e-commerce platforms. “POO Ergothioneine 4D Anti-aging Capsules” contain the “longevity vitamin” PQQ and ergothioneine, the “cell renewal factor” spermidine, and the “cell protection factor” pomegranate extract. These four ingredients help the body target aging from the DNA and cellular level, revitalizing young cells. The “Coenzyme Q10 Olive Leaf Heart Protection Capsules” utilize the 1+1 Cardiova compound formula, adding high-purity 200mg/capsule coenzyme Q10 to boost heart power, paired with olive leaf extract to clear and repair pathways, reducing the burden on the heart. (Source: Mead Johnson AGIJOY)

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