JD.com’s 2023 Consumer Insights

According to JD.com’s 2023 Consumer Insights, consumers are more focused on their own and their family’s health. There is a significant increase in consumer demand for products and services in categories such as medicine, nutritional supplements, health services, and healthcare. Compared to the previous year, 36.1% of consumers have increased their spending on healthcare. It’s … Read more

Combined Metabolic Activator that includes Niagen in Mild-to-Moderate Alzheimer’s

WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? Part of the ChromaDex External Research Program (CERP), this is a first-of-its-kind clinical study investigating the effects of a combined metabolic activator (CMA) featuring Niagen in 60 mild-to-moderate AD patients. The findings build on previous preclinical studies highlighting the benefits of this “ingredient cocktail” on AD, as well as on liver … Read more

Nutrilon Launched the High-Configuration “Noyouyun” Formula

This year, with the implementation of the “strictest in history” new national standard for infant formula, launching a diversified product portfolio has become a common direction for major dairy giants’ strategic adjustments. Recently, Danone Nutricia officially announced the launch of the new infant formula “Noyouyun”, tailored for the nutritional digestion and absorption needs during the … Read more

Osteoform Obtains Frost & Sullivan’s Authoritative Certification

Based on in-depth research on the high-activity probiotics industry in China, the globally renowned growth consulting firm Frost Sullivan has awarded Osteoform the certification of “National Leader in High-Activity Probiotic Sales Across All Platforms for Four Consecutive Years”. This certification for Osteoform signifies international recognition of its comprehensive strength in the high-activity probiotics field, solidifying … Read more

Tmall Releases 2023 Annual Health Keywords

On December 27, Tmall released the “2023 Annual Health Keywords”, summarizing the year’s nine major consumer trends. 1. Post-90s individuals purchased 30% of coenzyme Q10 and 45% of liver protection tablets. 2. Respiratory health became the most concerning health issue of the year, with a 160% increase in sales of cold and cough products on … Read more

CHEESPIRIT Secures Multi-Million Dollars in Pre-Series A+ Funding

The cheese brand “CHEESPIRIT” has recently completed a pre-Series A+ funding round of several tens of millions of Chinese yuan (several million dollars), with exclusive investment from Cyanhill Capital. The funds from this round will be primarily used for the promotion of new products. Established in 2022, CHEESPIRIT introduced the “Five-Dimensional Growth Cheese Stick” at … Read more

Yili Launches its First Adult Milk Powder with Sleep Aid Functionality

On December 20th, in response to the growing demand for sleep aid, Yili Group’s Yili Xinhuo brand launched its groundbreaking first adult milk powder with sleep aid functionality— “Yili Xinhuo Youxiangshan Formula Milk Powder”. The new product’s formula integrates traditional Chinese health ingredients such as sour jujube seed and Poria cocos, complemented by naturally extracted … Read more

Doctor’s Best is Establishing a “Transparent Factory”

Recently, Doctor’s Best conducted a unique “traceability initiative” in the health supplement industry. They invited several Chinese influencers who live in the United States and have a significant impact to visit the source factory in the U.S., witness product quality, and connect with consumers through online live broadcasts. This initiative aims to unveil the mystery … Read more

Probiotics China News Bites – December 2023

1. Lallemand’s Biocomponents and Specialty Cultures divisions have jointly developed Natural Rosé, a new solution that reduces or eliminates nitrate/nitrite additions in processed meats such as bacon, dry-cured sausages and salami. It is reported that the solution is a synergistic combination of edible bacteria and yeast extract, including the combination of two key ingredients: Savor-Lyfe … Read more