Popular Trends of Dietary Supplements in 2022

In 2022, poplar dosage forms of dietary supplements are gummies and shots. Popular ingredients of dietary supplements include CBD, apple cider vinegar, green superfood, and mushroom. Most importantly, popular categories of dietary supplements include oral beauty care, immunity, healthy aging, and sleep.

According to SPINS, the oral beauty care market is expected to grow by nearly 10 percent this year, with total sales reaching RMB 9.22 billion yuan (USD $1.45 billion). Immune supplements, despite the decline compared to 2020, remain one of the top health concerns for consumers who favor natural ingredients in this category. Healthy aging supplements attract attention from the world, because around the age of 50 people begin to face a series of aging problems such as muscle loss, loss of strength, poor recovery, and slowing metabolism. (Source: 163.com)