TikTok Relaxed Entry Conditions of Health Brands

A few days ago, TikTok e-commerce updated the industry management specifications for traditional nutritional supplements and health food. Before the change, for the health food category, TikTok e-commerce has been using targeted invitations for entry, including only about 20 brands under the Xiuzheng Pharmaceutical Group and Renhe Pharmacy, with a high entry threshold.

After the change, to enter TikTok e-commerce, health food brands only need to meet “high brand power” and “online channel 12 months rolling sum of more than RMB 50 million yuan (USD $7.38 million) with being ranked in Top 50 brands of mainstream online platforms” or “main brand of domestic main-board listed company”. The two ways to enter include the platform’s invitation and the merchant’s submission. (Source: finance.sina)

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