2022 Industry Analysis of Tonic Health Food

1. The penetration rate of the tonic health concept for people aged 54-64 reached 29%, and the penetration rate of people under 24 reached 19%. The young generation’s awareness of the concept of tonic health has increased, which has given rise to the demand for tonic health food.

2. According to the data, Taobao Tmall’s market size for tonic health food has reached over RMB 20 billion yuan (USD $2.95 billion), with a 22.3% year-on-year growth. In a stable growth trend, the average unit price of tonic health food has doubled compared to it in 2019.

3. The proportion of tonic health products in the price range above RMB 500 yuan (USD $73.8) doubled. In addition to the price increase of raw materials, the demand for high-end products has been increasing.

(Source: ixinyingyang)

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