2023 Probiotics Industry Conference Hosted by JD Health

On September 25th, JD Health successfully hosted the 2023 Probiotics Industry Conference in Beijing. During the conference, the People’s Daily Health and JD Health jointly released the “Consumer Guide to the Probiotics Industry”, providing guidance for consumers to scientifically choose probiotics based on an overview of the probiotics industry, user insights, and industry recommendations for consumption. The guide emphasizes that the maximum benefits of probiotics are achieved when combined with a proper diet. To assist consumers in purchasing probiotics, the guide recommends paying attention to strain numbers, effective dose of a single strain, efficacy, and activity index.

In response to consumers’ increasing demand for specialized and high-quality probiotic products, JD Health upgraded the probiotics category and segmented it into 11 tertiary categories. This segmentation aims to better meet consumers’ scenario-specific and efficacy-related needs. As a leading company in the healthcare management services industry, JD Health also provides real-time online health consultations for users regarding probiotic products through its “Ask a Nutritionist” service. (Source: baijiahao)

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