International Collaboration in Creating the High-End Probiotic Brand SACOSACO

Domestic well-established probiotic manufacturer HOWYOU Biotech, in collaboration with the Italian company SACO, has launched a new brand named SACOSACO, aiming to establish a high-end product line in the probiotics industry. HOWYOU, focusing on probiotic food ingredients, has established close partnerships with domestic research institutions and hospitals, while holding patents for its independently developed technologies. SACO, an international biotech company from Italy founded in 1872, has been dedicated to research and development in the field of biotechnology. It has established long-term export cooperation with 110 countries globally.

As a brand developed by these 2 biotech giants, SACOSACO naturally carries advantages in technology and capabilities. Their unique probiotic strains, such as GRX08, GRX02, GRX16, demonstrate outstanding stability and activity, highlighting their effectiveness. Currently, SACOSACO has introduced several series of high-quality probiotic products, catering to various consumer needs. The products are available for nationwide purchase through e-commerce channels, ensuring accessibility for consumers across the country. (Source: tech.china)

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