Probiotics China News Bites – December 2023

1. Lallemand’s Biocomponents and Specialty Cultures divisions have jointly developed Natural Rosé, a new solution that reduces or eliminates nitrate/nitrite additions in processed meats such as bacon, dry-cured sausages and salami. It is reported that the solution is a synergistic combination of edible bacteria and yeast extract, including the combination of two key ingredients: Savor-Lyfe NR 02 and LalCult Carne Rosé-Dry, which can simultaneously meet the sensory flavor and stability of shelf-life safety of processed meat. 

Among them, 1) Savor-Lyfe NR 02 combines specialty ingredients derived from Saccharomyces cerevisiae and C. jadinii strains. It can further provide flavors such as umami; 2) LalCult Carne Rosé – Dry is a strain mixture that can regulate various oxidations and bacterial contamination that may occur during the production of dry fermented sausages.

2. The merger of Novozymes and Chr. Hansen has been approved by the European Union. Kerry will acquire part of the lactase business of Chr. Hansen Holdings and Novozymes. It still needs approval from the European Commission and will become part of the merger approval process. It is reported that the transaction will include the acquisition of certain trade and assets under Chr. Hansen’s global lactase business, as well as 100% of the share capital of Novozymes’ Chinese subsidiary Novi Food Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. The total consideration is 150 million euros, and settlement adjustments may be made, which is expected to be completed in the first half of 2024.

Novozymes and Chr. Hansen announced that the future combined company will be named “Novonesis”, which means “new starting point” (from the Greek “genesis”), implying the arrival of a new era of biological solutions and the Innovation in science and technology will provide solutions to a series of major challenges facing mankind.

3. Cargill’s EpiCor® postbiotic has received 10 health claims from Health Canada as a natural health ingredient, focusing on immune support and digestive system health.

The 10 health claims are as follows: 1) Helps reduce the incidence of winter cold and flu symptoms; 2) Helps reduce seasonal allergy symptoms such as nasal congestion; 3) Helps relieve nasal congestion associated with seasonal allergies; 4) Helps maintain immune function; 5) Is an antioxidant that helps support body health; 6) Sources/provides antioxidants; 7) Helps support intestinal/gastrointestinal health ; 8) Helps improve occasional, mild to moderate bloating; 9) Helps improve occasional, mild to moderate fullness; 10) Occasionally helps improve stool consistency.

4. On November 29, Nestlé launched the world’s first Nestlé N³ body milk (hereinafter referred to as: N³ body milk). The series includes whole milk and skim milk. This new series of milk powder is the first product in the world to apply “Nestle’s ultimate moderate hydrolysis technology”, and it is also the first product to optimize the Chinese people’s milk-drinking experience through the underlying technology of reconstructing the milk structure.

According to reports, the N³ range is rich in vitamins, proteins and minerals and also includes probiotics to promote bone health, muscle growth, strength and immunity. In addition, it has low lactose content and more than 15% fewer calories. Currently, four products of the N³ body milk series have been exclusively launched on the platform.

5. Gnosis by Lesaffre has partnered with Probiotical to launch MenaQ7 Protect, a bar supplement designed for daily and extended immune support. According to the company, MenaQ7 provides 1 billion immune-supporting strains, including Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis BS01 (LMG-P-21384), Lactobacillus rhamnosus LR04 (DSM 16605), and Bifidobacterium bifidum BB10 ( DSM 33678).

Additionally, it contains 75 mcg of MenaQ7 Vitamin K2 MK-7 and 80 mg of Vitamin C. The product has a strong orange flavor and can be consumed directly or added to drinks.

6. On December 11, in response to the “Proposal on Accelerating the Healthy Development of my country’s Probiotic Industry” submitted by the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce during this year’s Two Sessions, the State Administration for Market Regulation stated that in recent years, in response to the use of probiotics in food, the market Based on the division of functions, the State Administration of Supervision has carried out the following three tasks: first, standardizing the supervision of probiotic health foods; second, attaching importance to the quality standardization of strains for food processing; third, standardizing the production license of strains and preparations for food processing ; The fourth is to continue to increase the crackdown on food safety violations; the fifth is to actively cooperate with the health administration department to improve relevant food safety standards. In terms of regulating the supervision of probiotic health foods, the General Administration stated that: first, it is to improve the technical specifications for the inspection and evaluation of probiotic health foods; second, it is to study the inclusion of probiotics in the catalog of health food raw materials ; and third, it is to standardize the functional claims of probiotic health foods.

In the next step, the State Administration for Market Regulation will continue to cooperate with the National Health Commission to speed up the formulation and revision of national food safety standards related to probiotics, and timely promote the development of probiotic quality requirements and other standards based on the needs of industrial development and regulatory work. At the same time, local market supervision departments are guided to strengthen the investigation and punishment of relevant food safety violations in accordance with the law to ensure food safety.

7. 21 national food safety standards (Draft for Comments) including “Good Manufacturing Practices for Health Foods” are now open to the public for comments. Enterprises can log in to the Food Safety National Standards Management Information System ( to submit feedback online before February 10, 2024.

8. On December 8, Dr. Cheese launched its new “High Calcium Cheese Puffs”. This new product uses Dr. Cheese’s star product: low-salt and high-calcium round cheese (calcium-to-sodium ratio ≈ 16). It is scientifically matched with corn grits in the form of “cheese powder” and has a mellow taste. In addition, this product adopts extrusion puffing, which is different from the traditional frying process and utilizes high temperature, high pressure and other technologies for transformation; at the same time, it contains 0 white sugar, 0 edible salt, 0 flavors, 0 preservatives, and 0 artificial colors, and the puffs contain calcium. The amount is 1240mg/100g, with additional vitamin D added to promote calcium nutrient absorption, and “prebiotics” added to promote intestinal health. It is in the form of independent small packaging and is convenient to eat.

9. According to media reports on December 6, soda water brand Mighty Pop launched a new soda in the United States that combines prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics, claiming that 12 ounces (approximately 354ml) of soda water can provide 1 billion active ingredients in the United States. bacteria. This sparkling water supports digestive and immune health and is low in sugar, with 3 grams of total sugar and 3 grams of acacia fiber. Flavor-wise, there are four flavors: Strawberry Hibiscus, Berry Lime, Grapefruit Pineapple and Orange Vanilla.

10. Recently, according to the announcement of the State Intellectual Property Office, Jiangzhong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. applied for a project called “A probiotic fragrant pill and its preparation method”, with the publication number CN117159485A, and the application date is August 2023. According to the patent abstract, the present invention discloses a probiotic-flavored pill and a preparation method thereof. The present invention uses phospholipid as the lipid protective layer, gelatin as the wall material, and coconut oil as the core material, and adopts high-precision concentric dropping pill technology to prepare oral-release probiotic-flavored pills loaded with Lactobacillus plantarum. This method can improve the content of the pills. The processing stability and storage stability of probiotics can also increase the melting rate of lipids, which accelerates the release rate of the functional factors (such as probiotics, flavor substances, cooling factors, etc.) in the probiotics-flavored pills in the oral cavity. , so that it can obtain better sensory properties.

11. On December 6, the Beijing News reported that L’Oréal has completed the acquisition of Lactobio, a Danish probiotic and microbiome research company. The acquisition amount and financial terms have not yet been disclosed. According to public information, Lactobio was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2017. It is a company focusing on the research of microbiota such as skin and intestines.

12. On November 26, the Jinqi Bioprobiotics industrial production demonstration line under Ausnutria Dairy was officially put into operation. Ren Zhijian, CEO of Ausnutria Dairy, said that as the core business of Ausnutria Dairy’s second growth curve, probiotics have been fully matched with resources. As the controlling shareholder of Ausnutria Dairy, Yili Group pays close attention to the development of Ausnutria Dairy’s probiotic business and provides strong support. Probiotics are also one of the important business sectors of Yili Group.

13. SciTop Biotech’s China Bacteria Lighting Charity Program has been launched and is building Asia’s largest probiotic R&D and production base . The probiotic lactic acid bacteria factory for food, probiotic germplasm resource bank and common technology research and development center project have started construction in Horinger New District in June 2023. It is expected to be put into production in 2025. After completion, it can achieve annual production of edible probiotic raw material bacterial powder. The production capacity is 500 tons, probiotic solid drink 1200 tons, etc.