Tmall Releases 2023 Annual Health Keywords

On December 27, Tmall released the “2023 Annual Health Keywords”, summarizing the year’s nine major consumer trends.

1. Post-90s individuals purchased 30% of coenzyme Q10 and 45% of liver protection tablets.

2. Respiratory health became the most concerning health issue of the year, with a 160% increase in sales of cold and cough products on Tmall.

3. Consumption of blood glucose monitoring products increased by 85%, while consumption of uric acid monitoring products increased by 255% among post-90s individuals.

4. Post-95s individuals, on average, consumed three types of health products, with 30% of their spending dedicated to improving immunity.

5. Consumers entered an era of ingredient-focused consumption. Searches for ingredients such as spleen amino peptide, glutathione, GABA, hyaluronic acid sodium, collagen peptides, astaxanthin, EPA, and PQQ surged on Tmall.

6. The search volume for sugar-free health products increased by 500%.

7. Consumption of artemisia-related products among those born in 2005 increased by 51%.

8. The trend of “Traditional Chinese Medicine Milk Tea” boosted ingredients like wolfberry, smoked plum, cassia seeds, longan, codonopsis pilosula, and poria.

9. Existing customers’ spending on masks saw a double-digit growth.

(Source: 36kr)

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