CHEESPIRIT Secures Multi-Million Dollars in Pre-Series A+ Funding

The cheese brand “CHEESPIRIT” has recently completed a pre-Series A+ funding round of several tens of millions of Chinese yuan (several million dollars), with exclusive investment from Cyanhill Capital. The funds from this round will be primarily used for the promotion of new products. Established in 2022, CHEESPIRIT introduced the “Five-Dimensional Growth Cheese Stick” at the end of last year, designed to focus on the five dimensions of “Antioxidant”, “Blood-Qi,” “Metabolism”, “Self-Protection Support”, and “Bone”. It includes ingredients like astaxanthin, vitamin C, lecithin, and elastic protein peptides, aiming to support women’s health. CHEESPIRIT recently launched the first domestically produced fresh cheese at room temperature, named “Five-Dimensional Beauty Cheese”, ensuring a high protein content with a shelf life of six months. This innovation allows for broader consumption scenarios by eliminating the need for refrigeration, thus expanding sales channels. (Source: FoodTalks)

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