Probiotics China News Bites – March 2024

  • On March 14, Molecular Strength Company, a subsidiary of New Hope Dairy, recently cooperated with the Sichuan Provincial Key Laboratory of Dairy Nutrition and Function to jointly launch the new “JunXiaoFang” ready-to-eat probiotic product, including two products: “Light Blue Recipe” and “Intestinal Green Recipe”. According to reports, the new product is the first innovative functional product of Molecular Strength Company. It uses 4 strains and has a patent number and a preservation number, and is included in China CGMCC and the United States ATCC. Among them, each can of Light Blue Recipe contains 20 billion CFU probiotics and 400% high dietary fiber; each can of Intestinal Green Recipe contains 40 billion CFU probiotics and 400% high dietary fiber. Both products can be eaten dry or paired with drinks, salads, desserts, etc. The new product has been put on Tmall and Douyin flagship stores, with a minimum price of 108 yuan/box. (Source: Foodaily)

  • Recently, the probiotic nutrition brand LifeSpace held a Happy Waist Party and SlimU New Product Launch at the landmark Xiaomanyao in Guangzhou. On the same day, the brand officially launched its new probiotic product SlimU Golden Luxury Edition probiotic solid drink, and collaborated with Pamela, a world-renowned sports and fitness blogger, to debut the “Happy Waist Exercise Show”. (Source: SocialBeta)

  • Recently, the children’s nutrition brand “PROSPACE” launched two new products, namely “D3 Seaweed Probiotic Oil Drops” and “Calcium + Lysine Special Dietary Nutritional Solution” (liquid calcium). It is reported that D3 seaweed probiotic oil drops use third-generation natural seaweed oil, medium-chain triglyceride MCT, DuPont probiotic Bb-12 and active probiotics that can be used in infant food. Another new liquid calcium product, each bar contains 300mg calcium citrate and 200mg lysine. ( Source: FoodTalks )

  • ADM launched new products and provide expert interpretation on March 21 at M402, Hall 4, Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center. In China, 36% of consumers face digestive problems, and 20% of consumers are most concerned about digestive health. Postbiotics are preparations of inanimate microorganisms and/or their components that provide health benefits to the host. They are beginning to come to prominence due to their tolerance and stability to the environment and their obvious processing advantages.

  • Preclinical and clinical trial results show that ADM’s proprietary intestinal health postbiotic: heat-killed Bifidobacterium longum subspecies longum CECT7347 (ES1) helps regulate intestinal microbial composition; reduce inflammation levels and strengthen the intestinal barrier; promote digestive health and improve digestive tract comfort; relieve irritable bowel syndrome (IBS-D) and reduce diarrhea and abdominal pain. It has 8 national + European patents7 and won the 2023 Gulfood “Best Raw Material Innovation Award”8. It has stable shelf life, is easy to use, has no risk of microbial cross-contamination, and is widely used in various types of food, beverages and dietary supplements.(Source: Functional Food Circle)

  • On March 4, Golden Monkey Food officially announced the first new functional gummy product “Guozhi Nienie”, co-branded with Nailong, which contains ≥60% fruit juice added and comes in two flavors: mango pomelo sago flavor and lactobacillus original flavor. Among them, the mango pomelo sago flavor is lutein ester-filled gummies, which contain 44mg lutein esters per 100g, helping to resist the invasion of blue light; the original flavor is lactobacillus-flavored gummies filled with lactobacillus fermented beverages, and multi-bacterial flora protects the intestinal healthy.(Source: Golden Monkey Food)

  • On March 6, H&H International Holdings (01112.HK) disclosed the latest financial news. It is expected that the company will achieve high single-digit revenue growth in 2023. Among them, the adult nutrition and care products segment has achieved significant double-digit growth, but the infant nutrition and care products segment revenue experienced a low double-digit decline. In the face of unfavorable market conditions, it controlled the revenue decline of the infant formula milk powder segment to mid-double digits, and its infant probiotics and nutritional supplements achieved high single-digit year-on-year growth.(Source: Shuzhengkangxun)

  • Sirio Pharma Co. Ltd. has announced the launch of a postbiotic gummy that features EpiCor, a postbiotic yeast fermentate ingredient from Cargill that is backed by eight human and eight pre-clinical studies. The gummy, called BloomDays, targets immune health via the gut by delivering 500 mg of EpiCor per 2-gummy serving. The postbiotic gummy will make its official debut at Natural Product Expo West 2024, at the Anaheim Convention Center, taking place between March 14 and 16. Attendees will be able to taste BloomDays at booth #3905. Eventually, the product will be launched in Europe in the second half of 2024 at CHPI Milan. (Source: Zhitiqiao)

  • Tagatose manufacturer Bonumose and distributor ASR Group announced that the simple sugar sweetener tagatose has become the first ingredient to receive SGS NutraStrong prebiotic verification certification, recognizing that the product can nourish intestinal beneficial bacteria and promote the digestive system Healthy abilities. (Source: nutritioninsight)

  • Health Canada has approved Novonesis probiotic strain Clepius L. plantarum for several functional claims: 1) reducing perceived stress; 2) improving quality of life associated with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) in adults, including improving abdominal pain severity , shortens the duration of abdominal pain, relieves diarrhea, supports gastrointestinal health and promotes beneficial intestinal flora. (Source: nutritioninsight)

  • Novonesis invited KisKis, the leading healthy candy brand, to jointly hold a forward-looking new product launch conference, which attracted widespread attention from the industry. On March 20, the BioFresh4+×KisKis new product launch conference was successfully held. A new generation of breath-freshening, sugar-free mints has made its debut, ushering in a new era of oral health food.

  • On February 26, according to foreign media reports, FrieslandCampina will showcase its protein and prebiotic solutions at the 2024 Natural Products Expo West, including a variety of product concepts such as milkshakes and gummies. FrieslandCampina will offer attendees its “Good to Gut” prebiotic gummy concept, which contains its Biotis GOS-OP High Purity, an ingredient that delivers a higher concentration (approx. 94%) of available galactooligosaccharides (GOS) content.

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