“Nutritional Health Food Industry Development Report” Released

Comparing the GDP growth rates with the growth rates of the nutritional health food industry, whether in China, the United States, or Japan, the growth rate of the nutritional health food industry has not been greatly affected by economic fluctuations. On the contrary, the industry has maintained relatively robust high growth over the decade from 2013 to 2023. Second, faced with the same market environment challenges and pressures, the nutritional health food industry has shown a faster and healthier developmental resilience compared to other retail industries. Under the “Healthy China 2023” policy direction, consumer awareness of preventive health care is continually increasing. The growing elderly population forms a steady base of consumers for nutritional health food while younger people are gradually becoming an important growth pole in the nutritional health food market. Leading domestic companies in China are constantly promoting industrial chain upgrades, seizing market opportunities with their comprehensive global services. This global layout includes localized production or setting up coastal manufacturing bases, not only responding to the demand for supply chain globalization but also benefiting timely responsiveness to local consumer market trends. (Source: Euromonitor)

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