Market Size, Market Structure, Competitive Landscape, Key Enterprises and Trend Analysis of Bulletproof Beverage Industry in China in 2023

Bulletproof beverages, which are high in fat and rich in protein, are designed for low-carbohydrate diet plans to meet the plan’s fat or energy ratio. Typically, bulletproof beverages are drinks like coffee and black tea with added coconut oil, butter, cream, or medium-chain fatty acids. In 2022, the market size of the bulletproof beverage industry in China was about 346 million USD. The bulletproof beverage market is mainly occupied by bulletproof coffee, which had a market share of over 80% in 2021 and is the most recognized by consumers. The market penetration of bulletproof coffees, such as bulletproof cocoa and bulletproof milk tea, still needs to improve. Currently, there is no well-established and standardized market order in China’s bulletproof beverage industry, competition among enterprises is intense, and the market is changing rapidly. Companies in the bulletproof beverage market need to continue to invest, focus on the hot spot of healthy eating, expand their product lines, attract market attention with personalized products, and thereby stand out by continuously improving the nutritional formula. In the long run, with the deepening of health awareness, China’s bulletproof beverage industry has a broad market prospect. If companies can play to their existing advantages, make up for their shortcomings, and comprehensively enhance their competitiveness, they will be able to stand out in the industry. (Source:

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