GuanZhan Launches New Brand “ZhenGuan Red Ginseng” with New Products

, GuanZhan announced the launch of its new brand “ZhenGuan Red Ginseng.” According to the brand, ZhenGuan is a modern Chinese red ginseng supplement brand that focuses on using authentic Changbai Mountain ginseng as the main ingredient. By combining traditional herbal formulas with modern scientific technology, the brand aims to meet the efficient and convenient health needs of young consumers, offering innovative red ginseng and ginseng products. After three years of extensive research and refinement, the brand recently introduced three new red ginseng products: “ZhenGuan Awakening Red Ginseng Slices,” “ZhenGuan Clear and Moist Red Ginseng Slices,” and the “ZhenGuan Awakening Red Ginseng Slices – Red Charm Gift Box.” (Source: Foodaily)

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