YiRan Biotech Secures Strategic Investment from Shengwang Fund

, YiRan Biotech announced that it has secured a strategic investment from Shengwang Fund, a subsidiary of New Hope Grassroots Group. The two parties will engage in comprehensive cooperation based on scientific research innovation and industrialization layout of strains, focusing on unique probiotic research to develop “Probiotics+” innovative products tailored to the needs of both the agricultural and human sectors. As a leading company in the full-chain probiotic industry in China, YiRan Biotech leverages 15 years of dedicated research on Chinese strains, achieving the transformation of scientific and technological achievements from strain mechanism research to industrial production. The company has established a complete independent research and development system through six major scientific research platforms: strain biological resource platform, functional evidence-based platform, strain industrialization platform, probiotic application innovation platform, gut microbiota analysis, and bio-nutrition innovation. (Source: Iyiou Intelligence)

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