FiAsia China Expo Cancelled for 2022

As a result of China’s ongoing “Zero COVID” strategy, this year’s Fi-Hi Asia China Expo has been cancelled and will return June 19-21, 2023. The event organized by Informa was previously rescheduled twice during 2022 also due to COVID policies. The policies still maintain quarantine periods for inbound global travelers, which continues to keep international teams from visiting China further frustrating businesses eager to get back to China.

HPA-China‘s executive director Jeff Crowther stated, “This has been a hard time especially for smaller and medium sized companies looking to enter the market. Although not feasible to physically visit the market, this is not a time to ignore the market. Working with partners like HPA-China that has boots on the ground can be very helpful to assist companies to explore business opportunities even though they can’t travel to the market.”

Unfortunately, this impacts HPA-China’s Probiotic China Seminar that was planned to take place during the expo. The seminar has been rescheduled to coincide with FiAsia China Expo in June of 2023. (Source: HPA-China)

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