Coenzyme Q10 Becomes a Big Hit Again

According to a report in Securities Daily on January 5, consumers’ recent purchase of coenzyme Q10 products and their willingness to buy them have increased greatly. Affected by this news, on January 6, Coenzyme Q10 concept stocks, including Kingdomway, NHU, BY-HEALTH, and Baihe Biology, rushed higher. At present, the main consumer market for Coenzyme Q10 is in North America, and domestic consumers’ consumption habits and awareness of this product are still in their early stages. The recent heart protection demand for Coenzyme Q10 was driven by the recent COVID-19 outbreak. The long-haul COVID symptoms are reinforcing the public perception of using nutritional health products to improve the body’s ability to fight diseases. (Source: shuzhengkangxun)

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