ChaXiaoKai’s Prebiotic Fruit Tea

ChaXiaoKai launched prebiotic fruit tea, with four flavors of peach oolong tea, lemon black tea, grapefruit jasmine tea, and lychee black tea. According to the brand introduction, the new products add prebiotic oligosaccharides while using erythritol partially instead of sugar. The new products are 100% original leaf extraction of the first tea broth, containing > 5% fresh fruit juice and free of food preservatives. In addition, the prebiotic fruit tea uses UHT high-temperature instant sterilization technology and aseptic PET cold-filling technology. At present, the new products are available at the Tmall flagship store, with a reference price of RMB 99 yuan (USD $14.54) for 15 bottles. (Source:

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