Top Three Trends in the 2023 Probiotics Market

Relevant data show that the global probiotics market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 8.3%, and may reach RMB 629 billion yuan (USD $91 billion) in 2026. Chinese probiotics market size will be expected to reach RMB 137.7 billion yuan (USD $19.9 billion) in 2026, with a rapid growth rate of 11-12% per year.

Recently, IFF Health announced that the following three trends are emerging in the 2023 probiotics market. Firstly, combination products of plant extracts and probiotics products will bring new market opportunities. Secondly, due to obvious differences in human intestinal microflora, “precise probiotics” is becoming the new development trend. Last but not least, the exploration for Next Generation Probiotics (NGP) has huge potential. (Source: HerbridgeMe)

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