Innova Released Top 10 Food and Beverage Trends in China for 2023

On March 17, Innova Market Insights released the top 10 food and beverage trends in China in 2023, hoping to provide new ideas for new product development and brand strategy in 2023.

1. Redefining Value: nowadays, Chinese consumers have their own considerations when making purchases, and they will pay more attention to scientific formulas, cost-efficiency, and emotional value.

2. Revenge Spending: food and beverage will be an important driver of consumer recovery.

3. Affordable Nutrition: three-quarters of Chinese consumers believe the food and beverage industry has a responsibility to defend values and beliefs.

4. Generational Push: consumers of all ages agree that the development of food and beverages should primarily consider “health benefits”.

5. Unpuzzle Health: Chinese consumers are now eager to have more reliable information about the health and nutrition of their products, and packaging is their preferred source of information.

6. Scene Segmentation: brands are starting to target a certain consumption scenario with targeted products.

7. Quick Quality: 45% of consumers believe that taste and flavor have the greatest influence on their purchase decision, while another 42% are more focused on health aspects.

8. Plant-Based: Unlocking a New Narrative: nowadays, Chinese consumers want to see plant-based products.

9. Farming the Future: a new agricultural system will improve food quality, promote sustainability, and reignite consumer curiosity about where food comes from.

10. Devouring Digital: among Chinese consumers aged 25-34, “curiosity” (36%) and “fun” (31%) are the most prominent feelings about digital food and beverage experiences.

(Source: FoodInnovation)

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