Probiotics China News Bites – March 2023

  • CHR Hansen launched a series of new products and solutions at FIC2023 , including:

(1) YOFLEX® Premium natural strains: This product has a thick texture, a mild creamy taste, can give the product a silky texture, and can reduce the cost of raw materials, etc. It can be used in premium yogurt.

(2) NOLA® Fit Lactase: This product contains product claims such as low lactose, zero lactose, reduced lactose, better absorption, easy digestion, intestinal friendliness, and less added sucrose. At the same time, it has a wider range of pH and temperature, lower dosage, higher efficiency in decomposing lactose, and has a synergistic effect with starter cultures.

(3) FreshQ® strains.

  • DSM launched the high-quality HMO product Greco® at FIC2023: it has the ability to commercially produce 8 kinds of HMO, and cooperates with more than 50 research institutions around the world. Not only improves immune health, but also supports the action of good bacteria in the gut by nourishing and protecting good bacteria. It’s beneficial to children, adults on the intestinal barrier (mucosa). Currently, the product can be applied to children’s milk powder products, children’s nutritional supplements, etc.
  • DSM reached a strategic cooperation with China Food and Fermentation Industry Research Institute at FIC2023. It is reported that in this cooperative relationship, the two parties will rely on their respective core advantages and industry accumulation to jointly build a “Joint Research Center for the Standardization of Nutritional and Healthy Raw Materials” to carry out work such as the formulation, certification and popularization of raw material standards for fermented and functional foods, in order to promote the high-quality development of the industry.
  • Cargill shared a series of new products and solutions at FIC2023, including EpiCor® , Truvia®, Proliv®, etc.
  • Novozymes OneHealth joined hands with Sanofi Consumer Jiankang Pharmaceuticals at FIC2023 to jointly incubate big health products and promote probiotic health products in China’s domestic technological innovation, production, sales and marketing. As a leader in the subdivided field of probiotics, OneHealth also brought several blockbuster products to this ceremony. In addition to the star product Pylopass™ in the field of antibacterial bacteria, it also includes BioFresh™ 4+ for fresh breath and anti-bacteria BioFresh™Clean for spots, ProbioBrain™ for stress relief, IBme™ for IBS relief, and SmartGuard™ for eliminating harmful heavy metals in the body.
  • French dairy giant Lactalis closes operations in Argentina. It is reported that from Rabobank’s annual top 20 global dairy products data, in 2021, Lactalis has surpassed Nestlé to become the world’s largest dairy producer and the second largest food producer in France after Danone.
  • Recently, the first domestic(China) postbiotic group standard “Probiotic Products Lactic Acid Bacteria Postbiotics” was officially released and implemented. It is reported that the standard was promulgated and implemented by the China Bio-fermentation Industry Association. Scitop Bio-top proposed the project and participated in the drafting and formulation of the standard as the lead unit. It is mainly applicable to the production, inspection and sales of probiotic products lactic acid bacteria postbiotics. In the group standard of “Probiotic Products Lactic Acid Bacteria Postbiotics”, for the first time, postbiotics are defined as: inactivated microorganisms and/or bacterial components with a clear genetic background that are beneficial to the health of the host, including or excluding their metabolites; Chemically synthesized components as well as viruses/bacteriophages and their products are excluded.
  • On March 20, Bright Dairy launched a new “sour milk” probiotic drink. It is reported that the product is fermented with lactic acid bacteria imported from Denmark, and has three flavors: sweet and sour strawberry, delicious green apple, and refreshing lemon.
  • Tianyou Dairy launched black sesame yogurt. The new product uses high-quality black sesame from Shandong. The grains contain rich nutrients such as protein, calcium, vitamin A/E, iron, and lecithin. The yogurt added high-quality strains such as Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus, the number of active lactic acid bacteria is ≥1×106CFU/g.
  • Recently, the “CNR good choice 166 High-efficiency Compound Probiotic Flavored Fermented Milk” launched by CNR Media and Beijing Sanyuan Foods Co., Ltd. was officially released. And it will be sold to consumers across the country on the CCTV shopping TV channel. “
  • On March 21, Yili launched a new high-calcium cheese snack, aiming at the snack scene of school. The new product emphasizes nutritional value and is rich in milk-derived calcium. Each 100g can meet 80% of children’s daily calcium needs. It is added with ET-22 patented bacteria to create a cute dinosaur shape. There are two flavors: original and strawberry.
  • Recently, IFF announced that its factory in Dangé-Saint-Romain, France has successfully realized the industrial production of probiotics from the strict anaerobic bacteria Akkermansia. This marks that IFF has achieved a milestone in the fermentation, post-processing and formulation optimization of this genus. Akkkermansia bacteria (Akk bacteria) is a new generation of probiotics, studies have shown that it can improve immunity, insulin sensitivity and intestinal barrier function. IFF’s technological advantages in small-scale experiments and large-scale production, as well as continuous investment in personnel and process equipment, have become the key to its industrialized production of Akk bacteria. IFF is committed to realizing the strategy of continuously innovating microbiome solutions through a series of strategic investment and cooperation, so as to ensure its leading advantages in the fields of probiotics, prebiotics and plant extracts. The large-scale production of a new generation of probiotics has become an important cornerstone of IFF’s strategy.
  • As the first brand to implement the “Children’s Beverage” group standard, Domaomao has launched a new strategic product for 2023 – lactic acid bacteria fruit and vegetable juice. For the blank market of children’s health beverages, Domaomaos is the first to use the group standard T/CFCA0024 of “Children’s Beverages”. The standard was jointly formulated by the China Non-staple Food Circulation Association and Domaomao and other enterprises, and it took two years. According to the brand internally, Domaomao researched and developed the first “black technology nutrition package”, that is, lactic acid bacteria + prebiotics + postbiotics + super ingredients. The core advantage of this new product is in line with this [standard formula]. Selected Lactobacillus plantarum fermented fruits and vegetables produce postbiotics to promote gastrointestinal digestion and improve body resistance; prebiotics are added to promote the value-added of probiotics; super ingredients are all kinds of fruits and vegetables that children like and have high nutritional value.
  • Recently, the government service platform of the National Health Commission issued an announcement on the acceptance e4r][-04cvof a new food raw material, the product is: Bacillus subtilis .
  • Recently, JuneYao Health launched a new product: Weidong Qingqingjun Active Probiotics Chewable Tablets. The new product adopts a compound plan of 6 kinds of active probiotics and 3 kinds of prebiotics, adding the national invention patent strain CCFM1139&CCFM1118, the number of viable bacteria detected at the factory is ≥120 billion CFU/box, 0 fat, 0 added sucrose, dietary fiber, green tea mint flavor , fresh taste.
  • A few days ago, Fonterra released its interim performance report for the 2023 fiscal year. The report shows that the group’s semi-annual after-tax profit reached NZ$546 million, an increase of NZ$182 million compared with the same period last year; the return on capital in the past 12 months was 8.6%. 6.1% higher than the same period last year.
  • According to the provisions of the “Food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China”, the evaluation agency organized experts to apply for new food raw materials for Leuconostoc pseudoenteritis, 16 substances such as potassium polyaspartate for new food additives, and cyclohexylamine-capped 1 , 1′-methylenebis(4-isocyanatocyclohexane) homopolymer and other 11 substances applied for the safety evaluation materials of new varieties of food-related products were reviewed and passed.
  • On March 6, Junlebao launched Kephan K-10, providing precise health solutions for people of all ages. The new product contains 10 kinds of Kefir lactic acid bacteria, each bottle contains 100 billion live bacteria, about 10 hours of super-long fermentation, bringing different flavor experiences.
  • On March 6, the China Aerospace Science and Technology International Exchange Center and Yili officially released the “Chinese patented space strain”, laying a solid foundation for aerospace technology to empower the future of human health. The Yili star strain BL-99 currently being carried in space is isolated from the intestines of healthy Chinese infants and young children, and has been successfully used in BL-99 probiotic powder, yogurt, cheese sticks, ice cream and other products. At the same time, Lactobacillus paracasei K56 launched by Yili has also been applied and transformed in Changyi 100% and other products.
  • Recently, Jinqi Biology launched a multi-functional patented bacterium – Lactobacillus paracasei ET-22. ET-22 is a probiotic strain screened from the intestinal tract of healthy Chinese people. It is specially aimed at the intestinal health of Chinese people. It has obtained 6 domestic and foreign invention patents and published many literatures. It has various effects.
  • On March 2, Xiang Piao Piao stated on the investor interaction platform that the company will continue to launch new products according to market changes, update and enrich the product matrix. At present, in the product line of Meco fruit juice tea, lactic acid bacteria flavored fruit tea has been adjusted and replaced.
  • On February 21, the first group standard publicity meeting of “Probiotic Products Lactic Acid Bacteria Postbiotics” in China was held in Beijing. Authoritative experts from authoritative organizations and mainstream media gathered at the scene to witness that China’s postbiotic industry is on the right track. .
  • Recently, Jinqi Biology signed a cooperation agreement with the National Dairy Technology Innovation Center and officially obtained the membership unit qualification of the National Dairy Technology Innovation Center. The cooperation between the two parties this time is based on similar development concepts and innovative spirits, and is committed to promoting the application of probiotics in dairy products, increasing the added value of products, speeding up the progress, and promoting the development of the probiotics market on a larger scale, so as to contribute to my country’s general health. The development of the industry continues to inject new scientific impetus.
  • Shenzhen Haichuang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. announced that it has completed the Pre-A round of investment of tens of millions of yuan. The investor in this round is Shenzhen Venture Capital. Established in 2020, “Haichuang Biology” mainly focuses on the development and industrial application of biologically active raw materials such as anti-aging functional skin care products, functional probiotics, and pharmaceuticals. “Heproa” mainly has two product lines, one is functional anti-aging skin care products targeting skin microecology; the other is functional probiotic food targeting intestinal microecology.

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